TRANSLATING ANCIENT PRACTICES FOR MEDICAL SCIENCE; Advancing the understanding of source and its impact on total wellbeing.

Through our evidence-based methodology we are teaching Lineage Medicine™ across sectors, strengthening individual agency, voice, and organizational resilience.

Nisha Devi

Nisha Devi is a world-renowned Eastern Medicine practitioner remedying the deepest of human conditions through Lineage Medicine™. Her study is grounded in apprenticeships with Lineage Holders including that of the Shaolin Temple, and the Himalayas. Additionally, her experience includes communications, politics, public health, and mastering flow.

Nisha Devi and her team are dedicated to informing medical science and sharing the power of Lineage Medicine™. Their work is grounded in a top-down bottom-up approach educating world leadership and underserved youth alike on chi modalities alleviating anxiety/stress and increasing voice/resiliency. Returning health into the hands of the individual, our ethos focuses on magnifying the intersectionality between all movement and mindfulness; providing self-agency in health and promoting total wellbeing.

Nisha Devi currently sits on the CA Governor’s Advisory Council for Physical Fitness and Mental Well-Being, is a Commissioner for the CA Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, an executive board member for Yoga Alliance, and an adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University.

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An activating, and transformative keynote, fueled with the desire to inspire change. Nisha Devi brings her magic to the stage and moves an audience to reflect on the power of Lineage, Breath, and Yin (Our Source). An impactful experience - delivers heart-opening potency and depth of ancient insights into health & all facets of life. She shifts perspectives, and challenges existing paradigms through her profound understanding of the human condition. Most importantly, Nisha Devi guides audiences to connect to their unique essence expanding that spark into the world around them.

Nisha Devi, together with the KALA Team, leads engaging lineage medicine workshops inspiring participants to cultivate total well-being. These interactive experiences educate individuals and organizations on the intersectionality of mindfulness with movement, emotion, and breath. Each workshop is uniquely tailored and curated. 

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Lineage Medicine

An Introduction

Lineage Medicine™ is derived from 5,000 years of ancient practices including Tai chi, Yoga, and Qigong. Dedicated to informing medical science, this discipline emphasizes spinal realignment, breath expansion, the power of intentionality, and the prioritization of Yin. True essence is grounded in the Power of Yin, our cycle of rest, renewal, play, and connection. Our evidence-based work bridges the divide between self-awareness, emotional regulation, fearless expression, and chi flow. Lineage Medicine™ releases stagnation, improving circulation, strengthening the mind, body, and spirit connection. The articulation of self promotes total wellbeing, catalyzing longevity.

Deepening the comprehension of the link between the gross and energetic body, this medicine provides the necessary components to solving the critical problems of loneliness, burnout, stress, anxiety and depression. This knowledge when applied to movement regenerates an individual's sense of agency, and power.

The Team

The heart of KALA Wellness, our team is dedicated to informing medical science and shifting the existing paradigm of medicine. Indigenous cultures have passed down knowledge through oral tradition pre-dating aristotelian methods. We are committed to introducing Lineage Medicine and its ability to gift agency of health back to individuals. We are fueled by the power of I.D.E.A.S., Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Service. Our vision is healing and wholeness for the world.

Nisha Devi
Founder & CEO

Morgan Marie

Christos Rigopoulos
Strategy & Tech

Julie de Lagarde

Ursula Dunivant
Branding & Design

The Lineage

Our Lineage Holders are woven through the fabric of this medicine. These elders/experts carry ancient knowledge passed down through oral tradition from generation to generation. KALA’s Lineage Holders include Oso Tayari Casel (Qigong/Secret Yang), Dr. Robin Wang, PhD. (Yin Yang Theory), Saraswathi Vasudevan (Yoga Theory), Shelly Mazer (Push Hands), and Master Julius Baker (Tae Kwon Do). Pillars in their community, our Lineage embodies the importance of service and human connection. 

The Foundation for Lineage Medicine™ is our evidence-based ancestral wisdom informing medical science.

Tai Chi
Qi Gong
Breath Work
Spinal Alignment


Lineage Medicine™ Health Care

Our unique clinical model integrates a total well-being approach to patient care (in-person & virtual).

Lineage Medicine™ Education

Infusing evidence-based SEL and wellbeing practices into schools, supporting youth to use their voice to build connection & resilience.

Lineage Medicine™ Corporate Wellness

Go beyond a wellness app - Our medicine improves employee total wellbeing and company KPIs at all organizational levels.


Together, we rise.

KALA Wellness believes in partnership as a cornerstone for public health. We align with those committed to, united vision, and strength in collective thought-leadership.

Information on our current partnerships coming soon.


KALA is dedicated to a Research-Driven, evidence-based approach.

Case Studies
Our case studies demonstrate the efficacy of Lineage Medicine™. 

United Nations - KALA Wellness conducted a 4-year study with United Nations for Lineage Medicine™ corporate wellness, utilizing LM™ Tai chi, the KPI’s improved across all markers by 12%.  

Our Own - KALA Wellness conducted a study with Our Own on Lineage Medicine™ wellness  curriculum in students grades 9-12. Results demonstrated:

· 66% increase in sense of self-worth.
· 63% increased ability to concentrate.
· 55% increased sense of joy.
· 45% increased ease in decision-making.
· 26% were less anxious or worried.
· 27% were more comfortable expressing emotions.
· 25% felt a greater sense of belonging.

Our Own & Fit Kids - KALA Wellness is currently conducting studies with Our Own and Fit Kids on Lineage Medicine™ wellness curriculum in students grades K-12 for 2024/25.

Available upon Request

Randomized Control Trials (RCT)
KALA Wellness is conducting a randomized control trial in partnership with hospital based clinics, utilizing Lineage Medicine™ movement to identify disease reduction.

KALA Insider Newsletter
Our seasonal publication shares Lineage Medicine™ health perspectives. We educate our readers with simple application techniques and essential wellness insights.

Past Issue (Spring 2024)


We give reverence to our health, our elders, and our community.

Please connect to learn more about how the power of Lineage Medicine™ can enhance your life and community. We welcome your ingenuity and vision.

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