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Nisha Devi is a world-renowned Eastern Medicine practitioner remedying the deepest of human conditions. As an integral part of the international Eastern Medicine community, she is dedicated to sharing its impact through Lineage Medicine.

She currently works with the Governor of California and his team providing them yoga and other eastern medicine movements. In February 2023, the Governor appointed her to the California Council on Physical Fitness and Mental Well-Being (a council tasked with exploring strategies to promote health and wellness among Californians of all ages).

Nisha Devi works closely with global organizations providing yoga and other qi modalities to alleviate stress and increase resiliency. She is also an adjunct guest lecturer at Loyola Marymount University on the importance of Qi Flow from internal to external health. Nisha Devi believes in the power of lineage. Her Dravidian roots embody the principles of supporting those who are in service to others.

Medicinal Movement

KALA is the pioneer of Medicinal Movement.

A combination of ancient Eastern medicine concepts, and movement techniques focusing on spinal realignment, intention, and chi flow (our natural life force).

The repetition of our movement clears physical, emotional, and mental stagnation in the meridian system, whilst promoting circulation through our primary organs.

The Medicinal Movement series strengthens the connection between the physical, emotional, and mental self - releasing stress, maintaining longevity, and prioritizing total wellbeing.

Qi Gong
Tai Chai
Breath Work
Proper Alignment


Our wellness programs are proven to promote employee health, retention, and resilience at all organizational levels.

We currently work with governments, universities, and nonprofits – including the State of California – to deliver customized wellness programs. Our methodology combines in-person & remote classes utilizing the Lineage Medicine™ series.


  1. As individuals master different techniques/concepts, they develop awareness of the psychological stress work can place on their physical being and vice versa.

  2. Synchronicity of breath and repetition of movement release stress held deep within the psyche, muscle fascia, and meridian system. The sequence + intention of these techniques address one’s ability to focus, thrive under pressure, and establish healthy boundaries.

  3. By strengthening resolve, we connect our physical, mental, and emotional health - improving an individual and organization’s total well-being.


Decreased: absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover
Increased: employee retention, resilience, and quality of life

We are Connecting Physical, Emotional & Mental Health through Lineage Medicine.


Learn How KALA Can do This for You…

We look forward to connecting with you. To inquire about one of our programs or share a speaking opportunity, please email us through the site or at the address below.

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